World Population Day

Date: July 11

Organized By: UNDP, UNFPA

Categories: General Knowledge, Day-Week-Year-Importance

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Population Day


The Governing Council of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) declared 11 July as the World Population Day through its decision 89/46 in 1989. It was inspired by public interest on five billion day on 11 July 1987, an approximate day on which World Population reached five billion.

This day is chosen to celebrate in order to focus attention on the urgency and importance of population issues in the context of overall development plans and programs and the need to find solutions for these issues.

Every year the day is celebrated with programs are conducted on the basis of a theme selected for that year. This day is celebrated to give awareness about different problems or issues arise at time due to growing population.

The population growth had profound implications on development, as this growth in population is an opportunity as well as a challenge with implications on sustainability, urbanization, access to health services and youth empowerment.

The world population has growing rapidly and there requires some attention on the issue as this creates problems on development and sustainability of world as a whole.


2017: Family Planning: Empowering People, Developing Nations

2016: Investing in Teenage Girls

2015: Vulnerable Populations in Emergencies

2014: A time to reflect on population trends and related issues and Investing in Young People

2013: Focus is on Adolescent Pregnancy

2012: Universal Access to Reproductive Health Services

2011: 7 Billion Actions

2010: Be Counted: Say What You Need

2009: Fight Poverty: Educate Girls

2008: Plan Your Family, Plan Your Future

2007: Men at Work

2006: Being Young is Tough

2005: Equality Empowers

Actions and Programs

Actions and programs are conducted across the world to give knowledge about different methods of family planning. Different programs are also conducting to give knowledge of disadvantages of bigger families. Also many programs are conducting across the world to raise awareness about different problems arises due to growing population based on the theme for the particular year.

World Population Day is celebrated across the world with programs to increase people’s awareness on various population issues such as the importance of family planning, including gender equality, poverty, maternal health and human rights. Many business groups, community organizations and individuals are taking part in this celebration with different programs.

Programs like walkathon, seminars, competitions, discussions, education information sections etc. are conducting on this occasion to spread the message.

United Nations Population Fund’s (UNFPA) encouragement, governments, non-governmental organizations, institutions and individuals organize various educational activities to celebrate the annual event.

In India activities and programs with regards to stabilizing national population is organizing by a registered autonomous society under the Ministry of health and family Welfare called Janasankhya Sthirata Kosh (JSK) (National Population Stabilization Fund). It is undertaking programs and activities to achieve its goal of achieving population stabilization at a level consistent with the needs of sustainable economic growth, social development and environment protection, by 2045.

World Population Day 2014 was celebrated across the world with a theme ‘Investing in Young People’ to support the largest – ever generation of youth.

Today’s 1.8 billion young people are shaping social and economic realities, challenging norms and values, and building the foundation of the world’s future. Yet too many young people continue to grapple with poverty, inequality and human rights violations that prevent them from reaching their personal and collective potential.

Programs are conducted all over the world with this team to spread the message. Safeguarding the rights of adolescents and youth and investing in their future is essential to their development and that of their families, communities and countries. Providing quality education, decent employment, effective livelihood skills and access to sexual and reproductive health, including comprehensive sexuality education, will ensure that every young person’s potential is fulfilled.

In 2013 many programs are conducted to increase awareness about adolescent pregnancy. It is also celebrated in India with a great attention as about 3.5 percent girls in India gets married before attaining age of 18 years and thus the chance of early child bearing increases.


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