World Day Against Child Labor

Date: June 12

Organized By: UN, ILO

Categories: General Knowledge, Day-Week-Year-Importance

Suggested For: Civil Services Exam, Bank Exams, MBA Exams, UPSC Exams, SSC Exams



Every year June 12th is observed as World Day Against Child Labor. This is day is observed to raise awareness of the plight of child laborers world-wide. International Labor Organization (ILO) initiated the World Day Against Child Labor in 2002 to combat child labor around the world.


2017: In conflicts and disasters, protect children from child labour

2016: End child labour in supply chains – It’s everyone’s business!

2015: No to child labour – YES to quality education!

2014: Extend social protection: combat child labour!

2013: No to child labour in domestic work

2012: Human rights and social justice… let’s end child labour

2011: Warning! Children in hazardous work

2010: Go for the goal… end child labour

2009: Give girls a chance: End child labour

2008: Education: The right response to child labour

2007: Child labour and agriculture

2006: The end of child labour: Together we can do it!

2005: A load too heavy: Child labour in mining and quarrying

2004: Behind closed doors: Child domestic labour

2003: Trafficking in Children

2002: A Future Without Child Labour

Actions and Programs

Many actions and events are conducted on this day to tackle child labor. Governments, local bodies, civil societies, NGOs, organizations work with the child are conducting many programs and actions to tackle child labor.


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