International Mother Earth Day

Date: April 22

Organized By: UN

Categories: General Knowledge, Day-Week-Year-Importance

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Earth Day


Every year April 22 is observed as International Mother Earth Day.

In 2009 United Nations General Assembly decided to designate 22 April as International Mother Earth Day with a resolution. The day is observed to spread the message of importance of Earth as a whole and relation between human beings and other species around us. The day focus on climate change and other issues related to Earth.

Before the United Nations Mother Earth Day celebrations many countries were observing this day as Earth Day. This annual event is conducted to increase the awareness among people about the environment safety as well as to demonstrate the environmental protection measures.


2017: Environmental & Climate Literacy

2016: Trees for the Earth

2015: Water Wonderful World and Clean Earth – Green Earth

2014: Green Cities

2013: The Face of Climate Change

2012: Mobilize the Earth

2011: Clear the Air

2010: Reduce

2009: How Do You Get Around

2008: Trees Please

2007: Be kind to the earth – starting from saving resources

Actions and Programs

Many programs and activities are conducting on this day to spread the message. Every year the observance is based on a theme which is of current issue.

Programs on this day includes tree planting programs, discussions and seminars related to the importance of protecting earth, programs related to the ecosystem and habitat of different species, programs to shows how to reduce pollution, spread the importance of recycling materials, competitions conducted on different institutions and organizations based on related themes, etc.


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