Biophysics as a Career


Biophysics is an interdependent science discipline which has a great importance in our lives today. Its application and finding depends on society’s needs. Some of the findings includes double helix structure of the DNA molecule, forensic science, bioremediation, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), CAT (computed Axial Tomography), etc. One who study the field of biophysics is known as Biophysicist.


What is Biophysics?

Biophysics uses principles of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematical Analysis, and Computer Modeling to understand how biological system works. That is application of the principles and methods of physical sciences to biological problems. So it is a bridge between biology and physics.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Biophysicist

Work role of a biophysicist depends on the position he / she holds. Mostly the nature of work involves research type.

Educational Qualification Required

Basic requirement to start a career in biophysics is bachelor’s degree in biophysics. The study can further be continue with a master’s degree, MPhil and a PhD in biophysics or a related sub discipline of biophysics.

Skills and Knowledge Required

One who want to become a biophysicists must have good knowledge in physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics. They should have interest in research, scientific study and development, critical analysis, etc. They must have different skills like communication skills, computer knowledge and skills, analytical skills, etc.

How to become a Biophysicist?

To become a biophysicist one should study science stream with PCB (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) in +2 or equivalent. After this they can go for bachelor’s degree in biophysics and continue their study to obtain master’s degree, MPhil., and PhD in biophysics or related sub discipline of biophysics.

Different Areas of Biophysics

Some of the areas of biophysics are:

Mathematical and theoretical biophysics

Medical biophysics

Molecular biophysics

Physiological biophysics

Radiation biophysics

Where do I get the Job?

As the field is much for research and analysis a person with PhD is having good scope for employment and position.

Job opportunities are available with research oriented programs and institutes. They can also get job in biophysics related industries, pharmaceuticals companies, as a faculty in colleges offering biophysics programs, forensics laboratories, chemical companies, cosmetic industry, agricultural chemicals, etc.


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