Courses and Careers in Biochemistry


Biochemistry is a developing and interdisciplinary course or study. The scope of career is much more and developing in this field. The career in biochemistry is good for one who likes living organisms as well as the chemical behavior of living organisms.


What is Biochemistry?

Biochemistry is a branch of chemistry often defined as the ‘chemistry of life’. It deals with the study of the structure, composition and chemical reactions of substances in living organisms. Those who study biochemistry are called Biochemists.

The study of biochemistry includes the study of many other related disciplines includes chemistry, biology, genetics, physics, mathematics, etc. So it is an interdisciplinary program or course. This course provides the basis for biotechnology and molecular biology techniques.

The application of biochemistry is much more seen in areas like health, agriculture, clinical and forensic science, food and pharmacological industries, etc.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Biochemists

The roles and responsibilities of a biochemists will depends upon the work or industry he / she is involved with. Generally the work will be to study about the chemical basis of life, bacteria, viruses, research, etc.

Educational Qualification Required

The educational qualification required to become biochemists is by studying courses in biochemistry. They can get bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry (BSc. Biochemistry). Further they can opt for MSc. In Biochemistry or MD in Biochemistry. After Master’s degree in Biochemistry one can go for M. Phil as well as Ph. D in Biochemistry.

Skills and Knowledge Required

Along with good knowledge in biochemistry one must also possess certain skills for success in this career. A biochemists must be a good communicator with good oral and written communication skills. They should possess research and analytical skills, problem solving skills, observation skills, must be creative and hardworking, patience, etc.

How to become a Biochemists?

One can become Biochemists by studying science stream (PCB) in 10 + 2 and opt for BSc. In Biochemistry.

Where do I get the Job?

Since the application level of biochemistry lies in different fields like agriculture, health care, pharmaceutical, forensic science, beverages, quality controls, etc. Job prospects are also with these industries or sectors. The nature of interdisciplinary of the subject, the course offers a wide range of career opportunities.

The job also available with public sector as well as private sector. They also have different options in the field of research and teachers in arts and science, medicine, engineering, pharmacy, dentistry, veterinary medicine, and agriculture.



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