Architectural Engineering


Architecture is a very competitive profession for those who interested in designing and planning building. The profession requires various skills and to perform multi task. Architecture deals with building, its plan and design.


What is Architectural Engineering?

Architecture is the area of study which deals with the designing and planning of buildings and structures. They are licensed persons in the art and science of building.

Roles and Responsibilities of an Architect

The roles include designing building and structures in accordance with the requirements of space availability, modern techniques, safety management, material management, government rules, etc.  Along with the mentioned roles, an architect must design the building and structure to satisfy the occupant or client’s need.

The role has been extended to all the fields of construction works includes planning, designing and supervision. The role also extended from an artist to professional to businessperson. They are also trained persons to solve project management problems.

Educational Qualification Required

A bachelor’s degree in architecture (B. Arch) or Diploma in architecture is the basic qualification to become an architecture professional. B. Arch is a five-year duration program. Practice and experience is a must to become a successful professional. There is an apprenticeship during study period itself which should be done under a practicing architect, which shows the importance of practice in this profession.  Now good computer knowledge with the knowledge in a specified software (like AutoCAD, 3D Studio max) is also beneficial for the success in the profession.

The admission to the course is done through various engineering entrance exams conducted by IITs, National or State level examination bodies and engineering colleges yearly. The minimum qualification for attending in the entrance examination is 10 + 2 science or equivalent with PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) as the optional subjects.

An architect can specialize in areas like construction management, interior designing, naval architecture, town planning, building engineering, landscape designing, etc.

Skills and Knowledge Required

The profession is multi-tasking, thus required variety of knowledge and skills to become successful. An architect should possess creativity, communication and drawing skills, listening and understanding skills, awareness about legal knowledge in construction, ability to visualize ideas, drawing skills, etc. He / she should also have leadership as well as team work skills as it varies according the job and role. Technical knowledge is a must and need to be updated regularly.

How to become an Architect

One can become an architect by opting science stream with PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) in 10 + 2 and after 12th writing an engineering entrance test to get admission for B. Arch. Entrance test is conducted by various bodies like IITs, National and State level bodies, and Engineering colleges.

One can also become an architectural professional by obtaining diploma in architecture.

Where do I get the Job?

An architect can get a job in different fields of government, semi government organizations. Along with that he / she can get job in private sector entities. Some of the places where an architect can get job are central and state public work departments, housing and urban development corporation, municipalities, city development authorities, industrial ventures, real estate development firms, construction companies, consultancies, institutions as teacher, etc.

An experienced architect can start private practice which is considered as a privileged scope in this field. That is to set up his / her own business firm. An architect must register with the Council of Architecture before starting their own business.

The salary one can get is depends upon the experience and practice he or she is having. A good experienced architect who run his own firm can charge 4 to 10 percent of the total cost of the building.

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