Courses and Careers After 10+2 ( 12th )

Before choosing the subjects for class 11th and 12th, you may have chosen your career depends upon your interest, ability, capability and skills. 10 + 2 is the final year of the school life and thus need to finalize which career you want to choose. This is because after 12th you are going to specific and correct path. Choosing a right career for one is always a difficult task. There are many courses and careers are there to choose from after 12th. The path or how to reach at your career or dream of career should be chosen wisely. If you are in 10 + 1 or 10 + 2, this is the time to do that.


Please read another article: “Fundamentals of Career Planning” for more details about career planning. The subject chosen by the student for 10 + 1 and 10 + 2 must be depends upon the interest, ability and chosen career path. I think you have already chosen streams like PCM (Physics, Chemistry, and Math), PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology), PCBM (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Math), Arts, Commerce, etc.

In this section we are going to get an introductory idea about various career options and courses available after 12th. There are many courses and careers available after 12th, but some are depends upon the subject chosen in 11th and 12th. Some are there which doesn’t depends upon the stream you chose, any stream students can get into it. The below mentioned are some of the courses and careers available after 12th.

The courses can be of different type depends upon the nature which includes professional courses, vocational courses, academic courses, diploma and certification courses, etc. The list of courses includes, engineering, medicine, pharmacy, nursing, law, agriculture, computer / Information Technology (IT), Degree, Teachers Training Course (TTC), Industrial Training Institute (ITI) courses, diploma courses, etc. You can get the list of more courses in specific streams.

There are so many job opportunities are there for those who passed 12th. Many Government and private sector jobs are available for students. One can write exams for different jobs in army, navy and air force. One can write exams for clerk, bank test, National Defense Academy (NDA) Exam, Professional courses entrance exams, etc.

One can choose a teaching option at this stage. This is one of the option which can choose by any stream students. To become a nursery or primary teacher, they can choose for TTC or nursery training. There are many other fields where one can choose after 12th.

Even though there are many options available after 12th, choosing the right choice is important. Don’t think one is better than other, each one has its own merits and demerits. Don’t choose one course or career as your best friend choose that. Don’t choose some course or career as it will give more money or salary. Don’t choose some course or career as others just say it is good. The choice must be such that it will be suited for your skills, ability, interest, etc.

We will discuss in details different courses and careers available for each stream.

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