What is an MBA?

MBA is the short form of Master of Business Administration. We all know how to get into a B school and what we can expect after completing the course. A candidate can get into a good B school through entrance exams, GD, Personal Interview etc. After completing MBA from a good B school, one can get a nice little job from a massive conglomerate, and a big fat paycheck.

MBA is a popular course worldwide. It attracts a fantastic number of experienced professionals as well as fresher’s from a wide range of academic disciplines. This happens because employers consider an MBA degree from top institutes as a stamp on candidate that they can manage the business well.

During late 19th century due to high level industrialization in USA companies sought scientific approaches to management. The result of this sought was the course Master of Business Administration (MBA). Gradually, the course has gained immense popularity worldwide.

MBA is a 2 year programme. You can join the programme as regular, accelerated, part time, executive, and distance courses. The duration, accreditation, value of certificate, job opportunities vary from type to type.

Before deciding to go for MBA you should also know what you will undergo during the course is also important to know before joining an MBA or related course. MBA programme are designed to introduce students to the various areas of business in scientific manner. It includes the study of various areas of business such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, operations management, general business, research methodology, etc. in a scientific manner.

In MBA or related programmes, students have to opt for specializations or general management. In India many institutes offer their own specialized course, which means that the institute itself chooses the specializations for students.

The course at B school includes many subjects like laws, trends, markets, economies, finance, strategies, etc. that effect businesses and the running of business. The students are also exposed to ‘real life situations’ at various levels to get practical knowledge of the situations they have to face in future. The students are also exposed to number of subjects which, more than anything, simply broaden your perspective about everything under the sun.

In this programme you should also undergo different projects, practical sessions, summer training along with your studies. Thus all in all it is a rigorous program which requires full dedication of students. The programme becomes pleasure and enjoyable if you love to go with it. If you are joining a course with high ranked MBA institute in a residential programme, it will be more interesting these two years for you.

If you feel satisfied and enjoyable when you complete one task, it is your place. You can make this course enjoyable by meeting deadlines and completing projects. Make some excellent friends; develop your personality and self during the course, which makes you to convert yourself into efficient persons.


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