Factors Affecting Personality Development


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In this section we are going to discuss about factors affecting personality or personality development. Before going for the factors affecting personality development, we are going to understand what personality is. Different psychologists define personality in different ways.

The definitions say that personality is everything that we do. It is that which makes one effective in society. It is also that which influences people in society. It is that which says about a traits, attitudes and aptitudes of a person.

Thus personality is something that describes a person. It involves individual as well as social concerns or behavior of a person. Altogether it consists of many elements that work together in functioning as a whole in an organized manner. It says that a person’s personality is depend upon two factors namely Individual Factors and Social or Environmental Factors

Factors Affecting Personality Development

Different factors affecting personality can be mainly divided into two namely: Individual and Environment Factors.

  1. Individual

The individual factors are that factors of the person. These factors may be sometimes not changeable or developed. The individual factors include

a) Heredity

Heredity is something that passes from generation to generation. It is due to the genetic transfer from parents to children. That is the skills and traits that pass from parents to children as it is.

b) Physique

Physique of a person affects his personality. That is his/her enduring, biological makeup affects his personality. The body types are short and stout, tall and thin, muscular and well proportioned. The body type will be a factor of personality.

c) Biological Factors

The endocrine glands like thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary gland, adrenal gland, gonads etc. will affect personality of a person. This ability enables him to mould the social environment according to his requirements.

d) Nervous System

Nature of nervous system also affects personality development of a person.

e) Intelligence

Persons who are very intelligent can make better adjustment in social environment.

  1. Environmental Factors (Social Factors)

Other than the individual factors some social factors will also affects the personality of a person. These are factors occurred due to the surrounding of a person. Some social factors which affect the personality of a person are as follows:

a) Family

First and the foremost factor that influences the personality development of a person is his family. Parent’s behavior and attitude, their expectations from the child, their education and attention to the child, influences the child’s personality. The type of experiences received from family in early childhood will play an important role in the development of personality. Economic and social condition of the family will also influences a child’s personality.

b) School

Next social factor that affect the child’s personal development is the school. School atmosphere and discipline affects personality development of a child. Teacher’s personality and character, peer students attitude and character all influences personality of a child’s development.

c) Maturation

Maturation improves the coordination of numerous relationships.

d) Early Experience

One’s experience is influencing the personality of a person. Bitter experience and positive experience suffered by person early in the stage of life is also affects personality of a person.

e) Success and Failures

Success and Failures suffered in the life also plays a key role in developing personality of a person. It may play as a role of motivation and de motivation in a person’s life.

f) Cultural

The cultural traditions, values accepted in a particular society are the cultural environment. These factors influence development of child’s personality.

g) Physical and Social

Physical and social environment such as country of birth and living will also affects the development of a child’s personality.

There are many other factors like language, inter personal relationships, social role, and ability to observe or perceive or think etc. will also affects the development of personality.


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  1. Fantastic resource materials given here. It really helped me in my final semester exam for Teacher’s Training Course.


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